Social Management

Social management = social simplified. Plan your posts, send for approval, view engagement, all from a single tool.

social management dashboard

Consolidated accounts

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Manage all your social accounts from a single tool. You will no longer need to give individuals access to every account to make posts. Just give them access to Practice Amigo!

You can post to a single platform or many, all at once. With the integrated hashtag manager, you will no longer need to think about which hashtags to include or manually type them out.

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hashtag manager

Plan your posts

It’s no secret that social posting can be overwhelming. What’s the saying, “death by a thousand cuts”? 10 minutes a day, every day, can be a distraction.  What if you could just plan out a month’s worth of posts all at once? Or when creativity strikes at midnight, wouldn’t it be nice to schedule that post for tomorrow? All possible with the our Social Planner and Post Scheduler.

social planner week
social post scheduler

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