Client Communication

Practice Amigo is your single tool to talk with anyone, anywhere, in any way... all in a single inbox.

client communication unified inbox

Multi-Channel Client Communication

Clients are ever increasing their use of new communication technology and it’s in your best interest to respond similarly. After all, they they have just shown you their preferred method of communication!



Practice Amigo’s robust integrated phone allows outbound calling as well as inbound calls that will forward to your existing phone number. 

Dial From Anywhere

With the built-in dialer conveniently available in the top bar, you can make outbound calls from anywhere in the system. Don’t know the number? No problem. Just select the client’s name directly in the dialer.

client communication dialer
call timeline

Client History

Every call that passes through Practice Amigo, whether inbound or outbound, will show in the client’s message timeline and activity timeline.
Optionally you can record all calls as well.

...and so much more

This only scratches the surface of the Practice Amigo phone capabilities. A partial list of additional capabilities is:

Unlimited numbers
Number pools
Number swapping on your website
Match your called-id to business number
Tons of usage reporting
Missed Call Text-Back



Most practices are offering some sort of SMS service, but we’re positive nothing comes close to the solution we offer. From ad-hoc/single messages to bulk messaging, it’s all here.

Send Files

SMS isn’t the best way to send files, but sometimes that’s what the client prefers. Whether you need to send patient records, a picture, or the occasional meme, it’s all possible with Practice Amigo SMS.

sms template builder

Re-Usable Templates

Do you get a common questions or frequently send the same information to clients? With our customizable templates, you can simply select your pre-built template instead of typing things out EACH.AND.EVERY.TIME.



Whether you need to send an email to a single individual or send a marketing email to all or a part of your client list, Practice Amigo email has your back.

Robust Email Composer

The email composer allows configuring emails just like your regular email client, choosing fonts, styles, and even attach files.

email composer
email template selector


Just like our SMS, you can create email templates for sending common recurring responses. Easy to configure and even easier to send. Just click and select!


Social Messaging

How do you handle social client communication today? Most either (a) don’t, or (b) use complicated management tools built into each social platform. With Practice Amigo you can authenticate once and the team can respond everywhere from one place!

Respond with Practice Amigo

Facebook App

Google My Business

Instagram App

Channel Clarity

Every message in the inbox has an indicator showing exactly where it came from. If that isn’t enough, the message filter let’s you sort by channel, allowing you to see who messaged you through a social or any other channel.

client communication social message filter

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