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Why Reviews Matter

We can all learn a little about the importance of reviews by analyzing our personal behaviors and choices. How often do you look at reviews when you need a service? When you look at these reviews, aren’t you looking for the provider who has the most reviews that are positive? That is why reviews matter!


How Do You Get Reviews?

Just ask. No really, it’s that simple. All you have to do is remember to ask, and you have to remind people and you have to give them links to your preferred review sites or it just won’t happen…unless you use Practice Amigo!

We do it for you, automatically

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Heads Up. New Review!

Every time you get a review we’ll let you know and create a task to remind you to give them a response. If they gave the review on Facebook or Google, you can respond directly from Practice Amigo!

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Make It Your Own

You get to tell us how to make the review system work best for you. Like the rest of Practice Amigo, you can dictate exactly the behaviors you’d like the automated review requests to have.

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