Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows, decrease late arrivals, and eliminate appointment confusion

appointment reminders email template

Start early and hit 'em hard

Automated appointment reminders will ensure increase appointment compliance across the board. Let Practice Amigo handle reminders and confirmation. If we fail, we’ll notify you automatically that manual confirmation is needed.

appointment reminders email template
appointment reminder sms

Give the client options

Sometimes life throws curves and client’s can’t make their appointment. Do you want to turn these scenarios into a phone call every time? Why not let us give them the option to cancel or request a new appointment on their own?

appointment reschedule
appointment cancel
appointment confirmation

Always be in the know

Anytime a client takes an action or doesn’t take action when they should, we’ll let you know and also what needs to be done.

appointment confirmation notification
change request task
appointment change request notification

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