Referral Program

Scale your client pool with offer-based promotions

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Incentivize Referrals

With the Practice Amigo Control Center you can decide exactly how your want to motivate your existing clients to refer their friends. Complete flexibility in the offer you make!

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Simplify The Referral Process

It’s one thing to ask for a referral, it’s entirely different to enable a referral. With our referral program portal, each member can track their referrals and use any of the built-in referral tools. They can give a QR code, directly refer someone, share a referral page, or even make a social post.

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Referral Tracking

Easily view who referred a client, who a client referred, and redeem referral credits when they are available

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A Little Hand-Holding Helps

Every time you receive a referral, we’ll make the first contact and give you a heads up to what is going on with a simple task to follow-up.

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