It takes two flints to make a fire

The beginnings...

It started with a dog.

In 2005, a rambunctious 12 week old puppy was adopted from the local APA and was promptly named, “Boomer”. This was the beginning of a journey with countless twists and turns.

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The spark that lit the fire

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The background matters

Delivering solutions.

Boomer’s parent, Matt, put the dog food on the table with a career in IT solutions. His primary focus was on data center consolidation for large clients such as the United States Navy, BP, Rogers Communications, Dole, ATT, Siemens, and Emerson. Unfortunately, this required frequent travel…

Well that was a surprise

A new direction.

While traveling for work, Boomer was cared for by a local sitter. Eventually, they opened a full-service kennel in 2011. Later, in 2013, Matt designated IT to be a hobby and side-business, and left his IT career for the pet industry full time.

Kingdom Canine

Kingdom Canine

First pet business

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Cheap Pricks

The team

The 'aha moment'

Spreading our wings.

After a decade in the pet industry, Matt and his business partner assisted in opening and operating a veterinary practice, Cheap Pricks. One issue that became apparent was the lack of robust software solutions that are prevalent in virtually all other industries. Everything was an add-on, and to get a comprehensive solution typical of what a small business needs, it could require a half-dozen or more of them. There had to be a better way…

The mission begins

Development underway.

March 2021 is when Practice Amigo development began. The vision was to provide a single tool to help veterinary teams manage their customer-facing workload with intelligence based on data from your in-house PIMS. It began with an assessment of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks successful small businesses perform, then systematically automating or simplifying those.

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The launch

Getting there.

Practice Amigo is currently in beta with a public launch planned for July 2023. Click the button below to be notified when we launch.

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Matt Bowler


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